Otuli SPA

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Relax in the embrace of nature

At Otuli SPA, we will take care of your peace of mind and body regeneration surrounded by beautiful nature and the sound of sea waves.

All massages and treatments are based on natural FITO SPA cosmetics - ecological and free of artificial dyes. We want to get the maximum benefit from the nature around us, which is why we chose Polish cosmetics produced with respect for the environment.

FITO SPA products are dedicated to those who care about living in harmony with nature.

Meet Otuli SPA

Otuli SPA is a place where the power of sea nature meets the philosophy of slow. Enter a place where the smell of nature intertwines with solace. Wash away your worries by wrapping yourself in the energy flowing straight from the sea waves.

In our SPA you will find: relaxing massages, peelings, natural active substances and our holistic beauty rituals.

Beauty rituals

The philosophy of our rituals is based on a deep belief that harmony of body and mind is the key to true beauty. Experience relaxation that restores peace and balance in this fast-paced everyday life.

Body massages

Experience our signature massages and move to a place where there are no worries. We will stimulate your senses and take care of your well-being. Here you will immerse yourself in bliss and relax.

However, for those who prefer the classic style, we offer classic massages based on traditional techniques. It is an ideal choice for people looking for support in reducing muscle tension and improving body flexibility.

Kobido massages

The philosophy of Kobido massages is based on the belief that the beauty and health of the skin are a reflection of the harmony of the body, mind and soul.

The techniques of these massages are delicate, precise and performed according to a specific sequence that aims to stimulate blood circulation, reduce muscle tension and stimulate acupressure points on the face and neck.

It is not only a beauty treatment, but also a ceremonial and relaxing experience.

Self-care is essential!

Nature is the best escape from reality and a cure for everyday problems, and it is available to everyone, 24 hours a day. With you in mind, we have created a place that will allow you to forget about your worries and focus on yourself and what your soul needs.

Here you will relax surrounded by sea waves and experience peace and regeneration accompanied by birds singing and rustling trees. Wrap yourself in self-care at OTULI SPA.

Kids SPA

The little ones also deserve to relax and unwind. At Otuli SPA, we will make your child find inner peace.

A special composition of delicate cosmetics will moisturize young skin, and a unique fragrance composition will provide additional pleasure for your little one.

Relax in the sauna and hot tub

Experience true relaxation from the heat of a dry sauna and a real wooden hot tub. Combine pleasure with the positive effect of high temperature on the body.

Hot water baths improve circulation and heart function, and combined with a sauna session, they increase immunity.

And all this with a sea view!

We work with natural cosmetics

Special SPA offers by the sea

Comfortable and heated cottages with an almost private beach

May Weekend by the Sea

26.04 - 05.05
from 680 zł / cottage / day

Active Holiday Package 2024

22.06 - 31.08
from 890 zł / cottage / day

-15% OFFspring

from 320 zł / cottage / day

June long weekend by the sea

29.05 - 02.06
from 850 zł / cottage / day

Workation - remote sea office

01.04 - 29.05
from 459 zł / cottage / day

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